Here's what people have to say about The Cosmic Island..
Donald - Virginia, USA

Well, another year of Cosmic Island, and another chance to thank you. My computer at my writing desk,
our family central TV computer and my Galaxy phone stream your station daily. Please understand I spend
a lot of time streaming Cosmic Island thru my phone/earbuds while working...
Hearing you now, talk to you again next year, and leaving you with more thanks for a happy musical debt I can't repay.

Roger - Location Unknown

Iíve been a subscriber to Live 365 for several years. Despite the existence of thousands of stations there,
The Cosmic Island has been virtually the only station I listen to. Your mix of tracks is perfect for me to listen
to when Iím working, reading, or just plain thinking.

Ron - Ohio

Got a ROKU a few weeks ago and accidently stumbled upon 365Live. Your station is THE BEST!! I have it
on 24/7. The mix is perfect!! Thank you for broadcasting and please continue with the great job.

Tom - Location Unknown

Amazing collection of music.

Ted - Batesville, Arkansas

My name's Ted and I live in Batesville, Arkansas, in the northeast corner, among the Ozark foothills. I love The Cosmic Island! I've listened to other stations, but I like your mix of music better than any of them. I listen while I work in my office, and what you're doing is wonderful.
Thanks for the beautiful music!

Tony - England

Hi Kev,
Just discovered your broadcast and would like to say as a Dr of Acupuncture and Gung Fu I appreciate this music. Will make this station a regular listen. With all warm wishes from England.
Peace & light

Liz - Fort Mill, South Carolina

The Cosmic Island is my choice for all day listening while at work. Thank you very much for providing the perfect ambience for my cubicle. People wander by and stop just to listen.

Brett - Fairbanks, Alaska

Hi Kevin,
Just another fan email, thanking you for your dedication to providing those of us who live in remote locations (like
Fairbanks Alaska) with the type of music we adore. Have you ever wondered what is it like to watch the aurora while listening to the Island? As you might expect it is a stellar experience! Keep up the good work!


Tom - Location Unknown

Hi Kevin,
First, thanks for providing this great place for me to come to and emerce myself into. Of the thousands of internet stations on the air and on the Net, Cosmic Island is so far my favorite. I listen to it at home and at work. It soothes my mind and my soul during my day. I wish I could have it in my car.

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Ed - Location Unknown

Your selection picks are just simply out of this world. Keep up the good work. Keeps me going as i work.

Georgia - Location Unknown

Love your station! Finally a place to listen to the music I love and enjoy, I play this all day.

Michael - Location Unknown

Kevin, I wanted to take a moment to inform you that you have the best station I have ever listened to. I have XM Radio and I cancel it. I've listened to numerous other New Age stations and I keep coming back to yours. Other stations have a mix of music that do not seem to go along with it's theme. Cosmic Island offers a variety of artist and songs that have a common theme. I can listen for hours and enjoy 99.9% of every song played. If you are the one who selects the music you surely have a talent. Now I have to figure out a way of listening to your station everywhere I go, especially in the car. Please keep the station going.....

Thanks, Michael

Doug - Montana USA

As a writer, I really resonate to The Cosmic Island - involving yet unobtrusive - all at the same time if that makes any sense? The island is a great refuge when you find the need to get outside of yourself and take a break from this tough old world. Keep'er up.

Doug in Western Montana

Nils Gleyen - Paris, France

Dear all,

Ever since I discovered the music island, I do not listen to anything else! Bravo! The music and the moods are superb!
Keep on the good work.
I listen to it from Paris and Bali where I live, and it suits the environment greatly!
Thank you!

Cordially, Nils

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Michael - Seattle, WA  USA

Long time VIP listener dropping you a note to say this is the best station on live 365. Thank You.
Awesome programming,
Michael from Seattle

Billy Burke - Billerica, Massachusetts

This is a GREAT music station. Saturday night my Wife and I popped a Cork on a bottle of Mondavi,sat by a Campfire under the New England sky and Chilled to The Cosmic Island watching the stars.A perfect night
Keep up the good work,
Billy Burke

Dr Charles H Roberts - Ballston Spa, NY

I have been a devoted Cosmic Island listener on Live365 for several years now, and I write to thank you,
again, for producing the consistenly best New Age and Ambient radio line up!
Keep up the superb work,
Peace to All beings,
Dr Charles

H.R. - Torence, CA

The music from your station has really helped me cope with some of the most difficult challenges I have yet faced in life. The demons of stress, and self-doubt simply leave my room when your station is on. Honestly it is an entirely different place and I feel at home again.
If you are ever in doubt about the strain of keeping your station running, please know there is one person listening who simply would not have been able to collect all the beautiful artists you play and benefit from it in so many ways. What a collection you have! Specifically I like how your selections are very predictable and consistent in mood. This makes for great stress relief without a lot of ups and downs. Accordingly,  I think you have the best station in your genre on Live 365.
With sincere gratitude,
H. R.
Torrance, CA  USA

Terry Beach - Location Unknown

A fantastic station. So relaxing and yet, unlike some new age music, the bulk of your selections were very engaging.
A fantastic mix for work.....
Regards, Terry

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B.T. Fitzpatrick - Roanoke, Virginia

You have created a fantastic station. I am an avid lover of space music and your selections are right on the mark. Jonn Serrie is my favorite space music composer and I love to hear his music on your station from time to time. I listen to your station almost everyday as I check emails and surf the web. Thanks for your great service to the internet!
Keep up the good work!
B.T. Fitzpatrick

Cathy - Vermont, USA

I love your station and use it all day while Iím working.
You have a positive job and youíre good at it.
Thanks very much.

Naz  - Northern California

Simply an extraordinary mix of music (Cosmic Island). You do what so many people try but fail to accomplish. A regular stream of high quality, inspired and soulful music that never fails to satisfy. I can't remember any occasions where one of your offerings misses!
You have got the ear, Kevin, and the heart, for this kind of thing. I am always amazed at the noise that other pretenders try to pass off as new age music. It is rare that i find the quality and there are only two people thus far that have commanded my respect in terms of who is out there on the Internet touting their goods. And goodness knows i do a lot of searching for this kind of thing.
Thank you. Putting out this kind of vibe, in such dire times as these, is one of the few fleeting treasures in life...
For it is true that, 'peace comes from within...'
Cosmic Island fosters the feeling of Peace.

Sue R. - Random Lake, Wisconsin

I love your station - it's my absolute favorite on Live365.com. You play all my favorite artists and then some - keep up the great work!
Thanks for all your hard work.
Best, Sue R.

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James Benn - South Carolina, USA

I have truly enjoyed all that I have heard on the station. I have been listening for just over a year. I have invested several hundreds of dollars purchasing music from the play list of this station. I just discovered your website 2 weeks ago.
Keep up the great work,
James Benn

Roxine Evans - Location Unknown

Thank You so much for Your fantastic radio station! The music is awesome to say the very least.
I truly believe that Your station is the best in the US, if not the entire world.
Well done!

Ed and Melissa Mahoney - Brisbane, Australia, Southern Hemisphere

Hi Kevin.
Thank you for allowing me to be intermittently marooned on your Cosmic Island.
Your shoreline has allowed me to bodysurf tsunamis of sound while a tidal cycle of emotions immerse me. Cool waters ebb around my feet, evolving eddys gently persuade me and my mind is saturated with sound.
No more wallowing in the shallows of the mediocrity that is the mainstream.
Thank you for the Dreams
E. (Ted) Mahoney
Brisbane, Australia, Southern Hemisphere

Brian Clark - Austin, TX

I think your station has one of the best selection on Live365. I listen a lot. Do you change the content from time to time? It seems I hear songs I haven't heard sometimes... or is that just me? You have more material than most other stations. Many of the others have only a few hours of material and recycle often. I will certainly continue to listen.
Take Care,
Brian Clark

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Nancy Bond - Nova Scotia, Canada

Hi Kevin,
Just wanted to drop a line to tell you how much I enjoy your station, The Cosmic Island. I'm a novelist, and your music is perfect to work by. Keep up the great work!
Nancy J. Bond
Nova Scotia, Canada

Mark Johnson - Florence, KY

Hello Kevin,
Just thought I'd drop a note to let you know how much I enjoy your station. Of course, no one is ever really 100% satisfied with every single piece of music from any station, but I must say that I really like about 98% of what you play. Your station is definitely my favorite. I admit that I'm still a "free" listener here at work, but when I see you're "sold out", I'm really tempted to go ahead and become a VIP, so I can "cut in line" to be able to listen anyway...
Thanks again. Later.
Mark A. Johnson

John Snyder - Location Unknown

I recently re-discovered your broadcast. You are now my "favorite".  We will listen to you often (at least 8 hours a day). Keep up the great work!

Ian Ward - Alicante, Spain

From the other side of the globe in Alicante,Spain I send you greetings and thanks for the peace you have brought to my inner self through your radio station on live365. May all the peace and calm that you have sent out return to you from every soul that you touch.
Ian ward

Joel Morgan - Tulsa, OK

Hi, Kevin!
Just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know that your Cosmic Island station on Live 365 is marvelous!
Until recently, I was devout radio@netscape listener. But when (they) decided to force listeners to become members of (another internet service provider), I had to switch. I thought I would be lost without (their) New Age and Ambient channels, but then I came across your station on Live 365. WOW! Your mix makes such perfect "focus music" for me at work, that I really wish I had been forced to leave radio@netscape sooner!
Well, anyway, keep up the great work. I look forward to many hours of great listening to come!
Joel Morgan
Tulsa, OK

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Leopoldo - São Jose dos Campos, Brazil

Congratulations Kevin for the excellent playlist provided at The Cosmic Island.
It had become the only radio I listen everyday. Some musics are more than a dream.
São Jose dos Campos

Susan Matthews - Citrus Heights, CA

I just wanted to personally thank you for The Cosmic Island. I just found out about internet radio, live 365 and your station. You play my absolute favorite type of music! This has been a particulary difficult week for me and your station has helped me to keep my sanity. It's the first thing I tune to in the morning and as soon as I am able to get home again. Pity my car radio can't pick up your station .
Ever grateful,

Dave Miller - Location Unknown

Thanks for your terriffic playlist. I miss not having you at home (no broadband) but really enjoy you at the office while working on my projects - editing natural sciences expeditions in AVID DV, leaving you just long enough to check media audio content ... then back to far more enjoyable listening. Keep up the fine programming and I'll be buying cd's via Live365!
Dave Miller

Peter Bergendy - Budapest, Hungary

Dear (Cosmic Island),
First up I have to tell you that I am a great admirer of your station and your musical selection.
A few days ago two songs played on your station caught my eye (ear)... As I am directing a new Hungarian motion picture I thought we might use them as soundtrack for our movie, so I would like to kindly ask for your help to
let know more about these two songs. If possible please let me know all details about them... I am thankfull for your help in advance, and looking forward to hear from you soon.
Also I would like to wish great success for your station in the future, and remain your fan for a long time.
Best regards
Peter Bergendy

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Robin Barber - San Diego, CA

Hey Kevin:
How are you? I just wanted to let you know that I came into some extra funds and the first thing I wanted to do was become a paid member of Live365--both to support internet radio and to support your incredible radio station. I wanted to make sure that you get what ever is supposed to be comming to you when someone signs up from your station.
Hope you are well.
Best wishes to you

Daniel Goldschmidt - Paris, France

Just to say hello from Paris.. I am hypnotherapist and I am using your station to induce trance in several patients..
Thank you for your good and spiritual music.

Dr. David Stanley - North Carolina USA

My Name is Dr. Stanley, I am a college Professor here in North Carolina. I wanted you to know how much your live365 Station has impacted both me and my Department here at the College and University respectively where I teach. In each of the classes, I feature your specific live365 broadcast during class lecture and required Lab time. Your station allows me a chance, as well as my students for that matter to escape and get deep into what we are doing. I have a number of students that now play your station via headphones at your workstation. I broadcast the station 24 hours a day at both the College and University as well as my Office and Home. Your broadcast makes a real difference and impact - Daily. Please, continue to provide the excellent, wavy, drifting, escaping, deep evolving music we all have come to rely upon. I personally have ordered 3 CD's for my own personal collection. Your daily Programming IS making a difference on those that listen. I mean what I say. What you do, what you Play is making a daily impact.
Let me know, should you ever consider closing down this vital and life-impacting delivery.
Great job, and My personal Thanks and Respect
Dr. David Stanley

Ordenador Jesus - Tenerife, Canary Islands

Am writing to you to say "Thank you" from Tenerife (canaries) for
"The Cosmic Island". because for me is more than a radio station... I
usually have a kind of hell in my workplace so, in order to scape all of
this stuff, I put my earplugs on and just drift amongst the trees or fly
away through empty spaces. and sometimes it's really like a lifesaver!.
thanks a lot for this nice station!.

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Betty Degan - Monterey, California USA

Had to let you know I love your format. You are playing exactly what I like and are very consistent with the flow of the music. I get crazy when "new age" stations jump to a smooth jazz cut, then on to something else.......It's not very centering. The best part is.....I live and work on the Monterey Penninsula and my office is in a forested location overlooking the Monterey Bay. The combination of the view and your music help keep me focused and centered. My co-workers are happy about that.
Again, Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you.

JC Patterson, WLBT TV - Jackson, MS USA

Hi, Kevin:
I've been listening to The Cosmic Island for several weeks now and it just relaxes my mind after a hard morning of stress. You have a fabulous and wide range of mood softeners. Great station. Keep up the good work.

Mark Hammons - Location unknown

I have been listening to The Cosmic Island with great appreciation. I believe that it is one of the best stations on [the air]... You have guided me toward the purchase of many albums that enrich my ambience.

Kirsten Krivoshia - Vienna, VA

Wonderfully soothing & entrancing stuff, with a crystal clear sound. Good job!

Matt Duncan - Location unknown

Hi there! Just thought I'd let you know that I think you're radio station is awesome. Good relaxation music like this can be hard to find sometimes. Often I found myself buying either second rate CDs at stores around town trying to find the good stuff. Now I can use you as a great jumping-off point to expand my own collection.
Thanks again for the great music!

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Florian Fasting - Denmark

Hi' My name is Florian. I'm a radio host fom The National radio in Denmark. (DR) I am listening to your Cosmic Island Radio on the net. All I want to say is that it is a wonderful radio. The music is fantastic...
Keep up the very good work.
Best regards Florian!

Joseph Bella - Location unknown

Hi Kevin, I would truly like to take this time to commend you on a wonderful selection of Ambient musical genres! I started collecting new age music many years ago, but must admit I haven't had the pleasure of collecting al lot of your particular artists and title songs. I'm wondering where you were able to find such beautiful and mesmerizing media? I usually like to browse through the new age music section at "Borders Books and Music stores". It seems that I'm finding every song you have selected for "The Cosmic Island", extremely Peaceful and or spiritually motivating... Anyway, Thanks for providing a peaceful and relaxing environment on cable radio. You have definitely captured my daily listening sessions... Peace, Joy, & Happiness to you and yours!

Don Dobesch - Location unknown

I want to pay for this service the station is that good..
I have been listening to [The Cosmic Island] for 2 days now and I do not need to continue testing new age related stations, I found the one. I want to purchase this music for my main sound system... Really enjoy the sounds!! This is the exact sound I want to hear.

Nanda Weicker - Calgary, Alberta Canada

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for the beautiful arrangement of music. I am new to world music and using this station. Since I have found your station, I have been able to concentrate on my work as there is alot of background noise and interuptions in my office.
It's the perfect combination of music for me. I just wanted to pass along some positive feedback and thank you for your efforts...
I may not be able to have Cosmic Island played throughout our office (we have 200+ employees), but you can count on me referring many of my co-workers to your station :)
Regards and have a super day from Calgary, Alberta Canada.
Nanda :)

Paul Dragos - Location unknown

Dear Kevin, or Shamin or Merlin or Methusula or whatever you would like to call yourself, my quest has come to an end thanks to you. I have searched for what seems like forever for a(n) ambient, new age, mediation internet station. Since I found the cosmic island a few days ago, my computer, and house stereo which I hooked it up to, has been on continuiously. I have slept better, found myself more relaxed, thinking clearly, and generally more eager to take on life listening to your station. Thank you my friend, and please keep up the good work!
A serious fan.

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Tim Theisen - Houston, Texas USA

Sunday 5: 10 pm March 17, 2002 I came in to my bed room and heard an electronic piece playing. I came to the end of it and could not what artist was playing.. There was electronic synth vocals playing in the piece..Before I could change screens it was over.. I really would like to know what group this was.. Do you know of any way that I could find out? I am in Houston Tx

Mark - California USA

just wanted to say that im a big fan and I listen everyday and all night while i sleep.. I love the sets, they are always great.
Keep Streaming..
North Silicon Valley